We use sea kayaks from the Sea Kayaking UK range. These high quality boats are built on Anglesey and were designed for the conditions found here. We believe they are the best sea kayaks you can buy.

We use the four shorter models as these are more manoeuvrable and easier to handle. They all have fairly flat hulls making them nice and stable, and lots of rocker making them good rough water handling boats.


For the small and/or slim paddler. Its narrow width and small seat give the smaller paddler more control of the boat. The raised knee bumps mean a small to medium sized slim paddler looking for a small boat will fit too.


Romany Classic

For the small to medium sized paddler. Lots of rocker in the bow help it handle rough water well. This was the first of the SKUK range designed and they got it right first time. It is a current classic and the other models we use follow its style.

romany classic

Romany Surf

For the medium to large sized paddler. This boat fits the widest range of paddler sizes making it the most popular model in our school fleet. Its knee bumps accommodate larger paddlers but don't hinder the medium paddler much. Its high stability inspires confidence.



Romany Excel

For the extra tall and/or large to extra large paddler. This boats width appeals to those looking for maximum stability. Its roomy cockpit suits the larger paddler and it has the most leg room suiting the taller paddlers.

romany excel